Laying over towel opening thoracic and moving towel up and then placing towel vertically

These thoracic spine exercises are great after a day hunched over your desk. If you have a stiff thoracic spine you might not be aware of it, but it can cause secondary symptoms in your neck or your lower back so it’s important to keep this part of your spine mobile.

  • Lay on the floor or a firm surface. Roll a hand towel up and lay your back over the towel at the level of your lower ribs. Lay like this with your arms out wide for 30 seconds, try and relax into it and keep breathing.
  • Move the towel up the spine in three or four different places holding it for 30 seconds each time.
  • Once you have done that, lay the towel along the length of your spine, stretch your arms out wide and try to relax in that position for 3-5 minutes.