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Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release (MFR) is a comparatively new soft tissue treatment modality which is becoming more popular. Fascia is the all-pervasive network of connective tissue which connects each component of the body so giving it it’s structure. It surrounds and intertwines...

Tips For Developing Self-Care Techniques

Clinic director Melina Harrison is a firm believer in caring for your body. She say’s ‘Your body is your housing, the structure you get to live in. It’s the machine you have to interact and access the world around you.’ With this in mind Melina has some hot tips to...

Regress to Progress

I am currently suffering with the most debilitating sports injury that I’ve had in a couple of years.  After taking a heavy fall in my sport of inline hockey I now have all sorts of issues that have forced me to take a step back and rethink my rehabilitation and...