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Festive Season

Don’t just survive the festive season. How to feel fantastic at the same time Stress, anxiety, and depression are common during the festive season. If nothing else, reassure yourself that these feelings are normal and that you are not alone. Accepting these feelings...

How to be mindful on the move

Today’s society is often very hectic. If we slow down a little, it is beneficial to our general wellbeing. These thoughts are taken from a magazine I flicked through on a recent flight. Walk barefoot on the earth. Due to the connection between the earth’s resonating...

Stress: The Good, The Bad and The Impact.

Everyone at some point in their life will experience stress. There are different types of stress, some is productive, some is less productive and some harmful to your overall well-being. What is important is to learn how to manage and respond to stress. Developing a...

Men’s Health Week

Today’s world can be busy and stressful, many jobs involve sitting down commuting to work, sitting at a desk for long hours or doing repetitive physical jobs. This can impact on men’s physical and mental health. There are some simple steps for men to stay healthy; •...

Time to Talk Day

  1 in 4 people experience a mental health problem every year. Today is #TimeToTalk day which encourages us all to get talking about mental health. Find out how to start a conversation here https://youtu.be/jrdWyftmQMk