Cyclists Massage

The Cyclists’ Massage has been designed to address the main causes of pain and muscle tightness felt by cyclists, with specific attention to legs, shoulders, neck, lower back and gluts and forearm and wrist. The treatment utilises deep tissue massage along with other soft tissue techniques and Instrument Assisted Massage to achieve results. Benefits to the cyclists may include; a release of tension in muscles and connective tissue, a return to “normal” range of motion, a freer action throughout a ride, and as a result, more efficient energy use.

According to The British Cycling Federation, such a massage “can be useful as a body MOT and can help identify areas of tightness or concern”. So not only can it be used as a maintenance tool but it can also highlight any potential issues that you may not even be aware of. Prevention is better than cure, especially if you’ve got a challenge planned!

You can have this as a stand-alone treatment or combine it with a private Pilates session with our physiotherapist. Core strength is the base of your power, energy efficiency and control on the bike, why not have a core strength programme designed specifically for you?

As an extra touch, the massage oil used for this treatment is Galius, as used by the Movistar team, so not only will you feel like a pro, you will smell like one too!

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