Health Coaching

Health Coaching – Life-style medicine

Health coaching gets clients to a place where healthy habits are built and unhealthy ones are broken.

Health Coaching evolved from the area of medicine concerned with lifestyle. Life-style that affects our health.
The backbone of our physical health (ref. world health organisation) is how we eat, move and rest.

Health coaching teaches us how to

  • Eat well
  • Move enough
  • Rest well
    … and most importantly develops these good practices into new healthy habits, personal to us.

Habit: A routine or practice performed regularly; an automatic response to a specific situation.

Healthy coaching at The Harrison Clinic is affordable, discreet and bespoke. Clients are literally hand held through a series of practical, doable, achievable changes that will upscale physical health. This is achieved through private consultations and practical sessions until clients are firmly on their way and living their best life. Consultations are simply pay as you go. The amount needed varies and is entirely up to each client.


Why Health Coaching?

Health coaching is your direct route to eating well, getting activity into your day, keeping stress to healthy levels and getting enough sleep. In short, prioritising your health and wellbeing forever. You may need help developing good habits in all these areas or just one of them, everyone is different.


Health Coaching is for everyone.

Healthy Coaching means goodbye to ……..

  • Harsh diets and detox’s
  • Punishing exercise programs, you don’t even like
  • Self-loathing
  • Accepting less than you deserve

Whether clients need to drop weight, get fitter, eat healthier, manage stress, improve energy levels, feel calmer, balance moods, improve sleep patterns or just feel better, Health Coaching’s practical approach will provide clients with strategies, practices and processes that support their journey to total physical wellness.

Who is Health Coaching for?

Anyone interested in achieving optimal physical health. Men, women, professionals, schools, seniors, teens, couples, families, work place.

What is Health Coaching comprised of?

Health Coaching is based on the simple premise that poor habits and how we identify ourselves in relation to health governs the health-related choices we make each day.
eg. Chips or salad? Escalator or stairs? Cake or fruit? Early night or Netflix?
We may have chips because that’s what we do, we don’t even think about it.
We may take the escalator because we see ourselves as unfit and fat anyway.
We may choose cake because ‘we only live once’.
We may stay up and watch Netflix because we believe it’s the ‘only’ way we can relax.
Sound familiar?
You can change all this and with the right help, it’s easier than you think.
Health Coaching is designed to move clients from unconscious behaviour patterns and habits that do not serve them, to a consciously making better health choices.
The whole process is truly empowering and you will never look back!



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