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Health Insurance

The Harrison Clinic works with all major health insurance providers and we are happy to claim back the cost of your treatment if you hold medical insurance.

For your information we would draw your attention to the following points in order to make this process as simple as possible:

If you plan to make a claim on your medical health insurance it is advisable to clarify with your insurers the extent of your cover for treatment at the Harrison Clinic before your treatment starts. It always remains your responsibility to understand the terms of your policy.

If you are privately insured you will be required to give your policy number and an authorisation code before your course of treatment begins with our Practitioners. 

Some private health insurance companies do not reimburse charges in full. You may have an excess on your policy and it will be your responsibility to pay this directly to The Harrison Clinic. 

If there is a shortfall in payment from your insurer you will be responsible for the settlement of any outstanding fees.