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Your First Visit

What to expect the first time you visit us

You will be registered with our clinic at time of booking, so when arriving for your appointment you can simply make yourself comfortable in our waiting area. Children and babies are very welcome at our clinic and we are very used to having them around.  Your practitioner will collect you and take you to one of our treatment rooms.

Our team covers a broad spectrum of treatment modalities and each will have a slightly different way of conducting your appointments. However, all initial appointments will involve taking a full and thorough case history. This will involve finding out about your present problem, your lifestyle and details of your general health and past medical history. This will be conducted in a relaxed way and you will be invited to ask questions throughout.

If you are seeing one of our osteopathic, physiotherapy or massage team, they may need to examine you at this point. They will be looking for the cause of your complaint and importantly any underlying problems. You may be required to undress to your underwear in order for your practitioner to examine you thoroughly (gowns are available). If you are uncomfortable doing this, please let the practitioner know. After your examination, your practitioner will discuss their findings with you and recommend the best course of treatment. If appropriate, treatment will be carried out at this first appointment. If any further tests are required to aid diagnosis, they can be arranged for you either privately or through your GP in the case of NHS tests. We encourage you to ask questions at any time throughout this consultation and of course during any subsequent visits to us.

The team will arrange any future care that you may need at a time that suits your schedule.

Please Note:

Care at The Harrison Clinic is always designed with your very best interests at heart. It is not The Harrison Clinic’s intention to replace the care of your GP or the medical profession. We positively encourage communication with all health professionals.

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