What is a Hypnotherapist? And what do they do?


Hypnosis is a safe and controlled way of allowing us to access our subconscious mind and change thoughts and patterns of behaviour that stop us achieving our goals.

By using guided relaxation we are able to use intense concentration to focus on parts of our lives that we wish to change.  The relaxed state itself is beneficial in reducing stress and anxiety. 

The reason for accessing our subconscious mind is due to many of the feelings and actions we have are linked to experiences or conditions from when we were young.  As you try to make changes you will find that your current processes are being dragged back recreating patterns of behaviours or negative thoughts due to what is being held in the subconscious mind therefore trying to change these behaviours or patterns at a conscious level doesn’t always have the lasting effect you want. The real difference and positive changes need to be made on the deeper subconscious level.  By working together we are able to gain access to this subconscious level and bring into harmony all of the mind to work as one, allowing the longer lasting result you want to see take effect so you can be free to live the life you want.

The hypnotic state is similar to that of being involved in a book, film or even your own thoughts.  It’s a state where a client turns their attention completely inward and by doing so are able to find their own natural resources to help find clarity they need in their lives to make changes or regain control in areas of their lives.

Hypnotherapy is able to treat a range of different issues:- Anxiety, phobias, smoking, sexual dysfunction, weight management, fears, addiction, behaviours, sleep disorders, habits and just for total relaxation.  It can also be an aid for pain relief allievating the sensory and affective components of a pain experience. 

Treatment for hypnotherapy would always take place in a calm and therapeutic environment in order to give the client the best chance of relaxing. Your therapist would then guide you into a calm, focused and relaxed state.

You will never at any point be unconscious during hypnotherapy and the client must always remember that they are in total control throughout the process.  People get caught up in the media and TV portrayal of hypnotherapy and imagine being told to do things they don’t want to do or behave in a way that they are not comfortable.  This is impossible.  The mind although has gone into a trance like state is always able to come back at any time.

Your subconscious mind will be open to what is being said and it will be your decision whether you decide to act on that.

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