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The Harrison Clinic

Phil Holding


Soft Tissue Therapist

Phil holds a Level 5 Diploma in Clinical Sport and Remedial Massage from the Cambridge School of Sports Massage.

Outside of work Phil is a competitive ballroom dancer having won numerous World, European and National Championships over the last fifteen years. Phil continues to compete representing England in all major international ballroom competitions.

He has a wealth of experience working with clients who are struggling with pain, muscle tightness/tension and reduced function. Phil has a very hands-on approach using a broad spectrum of techniques. These range from deep and effective sports massage techniques to more gentle massage and soft tissue care including; soft tissue release, muscle energy techniques, neuromuscular tension method and myofascial release. He will also provide rehabilitation when needed to enhance your recovery. 

Phil has worked with many elite dance professionals, as well as sports men and women of all ages. His aim is to provide his clients with optimal soft tissue function, enhance posture and make sure clients have good strength and flexibility to help avoid future injury or poor function.

Phil is excellent at assessing posture and providing permanent solutions to correct imbalances. 

Osteopath, Reading