Rachel Charters


Rachel is fully qualified and Registered with the National Hypnotherapy Society. She graduated from Reading University to complete her full hypnotherapy training.

From a young age Rachel has always had a keen interest in hypnotherapy and its benefits, loving to help people and see them achieve their fullest potential.  Rachel decided to make her interest into a career and studied at Reading University with Crysalis to complete her full hypnotherapy training. Since qualifying she is also a full member of the National Hypnotherapy Society, the society regulates and keeps training all practicing members in new techniques and different forms of hypnotherapy allowing them to deliver the best service to the clients.  Since qualifying, Rachel has treated many different people with issues ranging from smoking, weight loss, self-esteem, anxiety, phobias and addictions and many coming for just deeper relaxation sessions.  Rachel recognises that each client is unique with their own journey and she enjoys getting to know them and helping them to achieve their fullest potential using many different aspects of hypnotherapy.

Rachel  is keen to keep studying and progressing as a person and bringing all of her learnings and experiences to her clients. She is also currently in the final stages of her counselling qualifications and Neuro Linguistic Programming.  She feels with the combination of all three skills she will be able to make a greater impact in helping people reach their life and personal goals. 

Rachel is married with three wonderful girls. In her spare time she enjoys playing the piano and running, having completed many marathons and half marathons.


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