Scar Treatment

Most of us have scars which we forget about and they don’t affect us.  Some scars however may affect movement and flexibility.  Tissues may be stuck or adhered through the layers of the body.  Lumps and bumps, gaps and dents may be present.  Some scars remain painful or tendor, tingly or even numb for many years after the scar was formed.

Scar work is a gentle, painless light hands on combination of techniques.  These engage the superficial and deeper layers of tissue helping to reintegrate them in the surrounding area.  Often there is improved sensation, resolution of pain, improved texture, colour and temperature of the area and improved emotional feelings about the scar. This approach to treatment known as Scarwork™ was devised by Sharon Wheeler in USA and there are ongoing studies into how this works.

Scars can be worked on from when tissues have healed from 8 weeks to many years later.

Typical scars worked on range from:

Accidents and traumas, abdominal surgery such as c-section, laproscopy, appendotomy, bowel surgery, piercings, PORTS, epidurals, drainage sites eg cannula sites, joint replacements, open heart surgery, blemish removal, spinal surgeries, cosmetic surgeries, amputations, mastectomies and deep grazes.

Our osteopath Lisa Harris has undertaken specialist training, that may help with these issues. It is a very gentle hands on series of techniques, that integrates the scar back into the surrounding layers of the body.

If you have a scar that is bothering you, Lisa is happy to discuss your needs. Find out more here:


 Here are some before and after pictures of the scar treatment undertaken on Lisa when she had a car accident.


Our Scar Therapist Lisa Harris

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