Sports Clinic

iStock_000002654408SmallWhether you are an Elite athlete or recreational sports person at The Harrison Clinic we respect the commitment  you put into your exercise and sport. Whether you go to the gym to stay fit and trim or you are training for the next Iron Man Challenge or the New York Marathon we understand what it means to you.  Maybe you walk the dogs daily to get outdoors, or you go dancing to off-set the ageing process, or maybe you power walk pushing your pram!

You are putting the effort in, let us help you stay on track.

 If you compete at your sport;

We understand that the ability to perform to your personal best means everything to you.

We understand that going beyond your personal best is always a target.

We know that getting the maximum performance out of your body is what its about.

We get how sharp you need to feel to improve.

We understand your competitive nature.

We now how to get you competition fit

We respect you for doing it

Let us help you win!

If staying fit is a priority for you;

We know how upsetting an injury can be.

We know you want an efficient and full recovery NOW!

We know you want to stay on track whilst you recover.

We know you don’t want it to happen again!

We know what you need both Pre and Post training

Our Principles

Performance – You squeezing every bit of potential from your body, in ways you never thought possible.

Prevention – Being in tip top shape, minimising the chance of injury. What you do everyday that makes the difference when it matters.

Full function – Your whole body working in harmony. Every bit of you at its finest.

Accelerated recovery – Our team approach working on your injury from every angle, ensuing a quick and complete result.

Individualised treatment – No two treatment plans are the same. How could they be? Your journey is yours alone.


We can help you be your best.