Vicky Mynott

Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor

Vicky has always had a keen interest in sport and fitness, this has pushed her to develop her sports injury knowledge and treatment techniques throughout her Physiotherapy career. She has always been a keen runner and before having her son completed the Loch Ness, Dublin and Rome Marathons. Now her busy family life takes away time for long training sessions, but when she has time she loves nothing better than a cross country run with her dog.

Vicky has also rekindled her passion for swimming, having competed all over the country while at school and university, swimming was a massive part of her life. Last year Vicky dived back into the pool again to improve her fitness and get back some of that technique she use to have. She swims at least one mile every training session and divides up the time in the pool with drill work, and both speed and distance training. She is aiming to compete in a triathalon again this year, something which she hasn’t done since she was 18!

Vicky continues to extend her knowledge and skills in sports injury management and rehabilitation, most recently attending a course on Kineseo Taping. K-Tape, when applied correctly can help muscle recovery by increasing blood flow, improving muscle efficiency and improve flexibility. It is great to help you safely train through minor injuries, help with a speedier recovery from injuries and get you back into training safely.

Vicky also uses her Pilates knowledge to help people get more from their bodies during training by helping to correct muscle patterning problems which may be causing niggles. Pilates training can help people achieve the best out of their bodies by improving core strength, flexibility and getting you muscles functioning correctly, this could be the difference between competing and setting a new personal best!

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