Physiotherapy is concerned with human function & movement and maximising potential.

The stresses and strains of daily life can cause pain, stiffness and immobility. This may be the result of repetitive strains of daily work, postural weaknesses, prolonged computer use, driving, sports injuries, trauma, wear and tear, pregnancy, or even following an operation.

Pain may have suddenly started or have been slowly worsening over the years. It is the physiotherapists priority to restore well-being, speeding up recovery time and aiding future prevention.

The physiotherapist will take a detailed history of the problem, carry out a physical examination on the joints, muscles, nerves and ligaments to identify the cause of the problem. Postural and biomechanical patterns of movement will also be assessed as they frequently contribute to muscular imbalances and secondary joint stiffness. Occasionally the location of the underlying problem is not directly around the site of pain. All assessments are very thorough and individually tailored to each individual’s requirement.

Treatment will be based around reducing joint stiffness, de-activating tight muscles, strengthening weak areas, and re-learning new movement patterns. To facilitate this the physiotherapist may use corrective taping, ultrasound and other electrotherapy techniques alongside manual therapy.

At the Harrison Clinic physiotherapy also has an integrated role working closely alongside all Harrison Clinic practitioners, to rehabilitate patients who are in the final stages of the recovery. Muscles that had been inhibited and weakened by pain can be re-strengthened via specific work on core stability, incorporating techniques from Pilates and the use of a gym ball. The rehabilitation process is designed to inspire strength and patient confidence, bridging the gap between recovery and the return to normal activities.

We believe that this integrated approach provides the best possible care and ensures your optimal recovery and well being.

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